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I passed!

The following took their tests at Southall (95% of my tests are taken there)


"Cheers Dave, It hasn't really sunk in yet. Flip! I've passed! Eek. Thanks for your brillaint instruction. You are a top class instuctor and will miss our lessons. Thanks for the offer of helping me look for a car on Autotrader..."                                                                        [Lorna passed 1st time - 2 minors]

"Hello Dave, thanks for all your effort - I know it wasn't easy for you!!! Did it though!! Can't believe it tbh. Keep looking at the bit of paper!!!! Will recommend you to everyone!..."
[Inga passed 1st time - 13 minors]

"Hi Dave really enjoyed our lessons! Thanks again. Will send you details of possible cars on Autotrader so you can check out..."
[Vlad passed 1st attempt - 3 minors]

"I still can't believe it - I passed!!! Lucky instructor no5!! & I'd just about given up hope of ever getting it. Thanks for everything..."

[Gayle passed 2nd attempt - 9 minors]

"Hi Dave, thanks so much for teaching me! I'll be in touch for the motorway stuff when I get back from hols. Don't worry I'll always be nice to learners!! Thanks again" 
[B passed 1st time - 4 minors]

"Thankyou so much!"

[Molly passed 1st time - 8 minors]

"Thanks Dave you were brill.... See you next week for the trip to Reading!"
[Coleen passed 2nd attempt - 2 minors]

"Dave, thanks for everything..."
[Sarah passed 1st attempt with zero minors! ]

"OMG hasn't sunk in yet..... Thanks again for everything...."
[Sun, passed 1st attempt - 2 minors]

"Your great instructor, very happy"
[Mukti passed 1st attempt - 6 minors]

"Thanks Dave....I will tailgate you next time I see you! only kidding lol... All the best" 
[Cosmo passed 1st attempt - 1 minor]

"Ha, no more hill of doom or white hell roundabout! Thanks again"
[Alex passed 1st attempt - 10 minors]

"Thx for all your help....I promise to be nice to learners!!"
[Tyo passed 1st attempt - 1 minor]

"Cheers, well chuffed"
[Matt passed 1st attempt - 6 minors]


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